How to Buy from Us

We take the problems out of buying and make it very easy to purchase a gun from Mitchell’s Mausers.

Call one of our knowledgeable sales executives to place your order.

The gun that you purchase will need to be transferred to you by a federally licensed dealer. The only exception will be if you are a licensed dealer and can provide us with an FFL of the proper category for the type of gun you buy.

You will be asked if you have a preferred dealer for the transfer, or given a list of several in your area from our vast dealer network that you can choose from for transferring your new gun.

The dealer will do the paperwork and any background check that may be required by federal, state and your local governments.

Our method of involving your local dealer to do the paperwork insures that all of the legal requirements will be complied with, thus eliminating possible problems later.

Your gun will be shipped to the dealer that you select. After the successful processing of the paperwork, the gun will be transferred to you for a nominal charge by that dealer.