Layaway Plan

In these days of tight money, it is not always easy to find the money necessary to purchase a fine quality gun.

Our supply of fine collector Mauser rifles is getting smaller by the day… One of these days, there will be no more. If history is any judge of things to happen, the prices will be going up, and the availability of the excellent quality rifles will be gone. Providing that you take good care of your rifle it can be a good investment. There are no more of these being made.

Don’t wait until there are no more. We make it easy for you to lock in your gun at the current price with our payment plan. There are no extra charges for this service.

Call your sales executive to select and place your order. Send payments, or give us a credit card and tell us how much, and how often to charge it. When you reach the amount of the purchase you will be notified, and your gun will be promptly shipped.

This process is safe and simple. You are protected if at any time you wish to back out of the plan – just send us a request in writing (mail, fax or email) and we will then send you all of the money that you paid into the plan.

What happens if the price of my gun should change? A price increase will not affect you as the price is locked in to the price at the time of setting up the plan. If the current price of the gun is less, you will be eligible for the new, lower price.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.