M-63 Mauser “Tanker” Rifle

M-63 Mauser Tanker Rifle

Mitchell’s Mauser’s announces the arrival of its newest Mauser rifle known as the ‘Tanker-Mauser’, Model 63 in the following calibers! .30-06 Springfield and .243 Winchester.

The Tanker is a newly manufactured rifle that closely resembles Mitchell’s K98 Model 48 except that the new Tanker is dramatically shorter in overall length; comparable to a U.S. M1 Carbine or the Winchester saddle gun, except that this Mauser handles full-power ammunition. It is a perfect companion to the Model 48 rifle.

M48 owners will instantly see the versatility of this compact, quick-handling design. Like the M48, the new Tanker is in .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, and .243 Winchester and will accept stripper clip loading in its 5-round magazine.  It even has a bayonet lug that accepts a K98/M48 bayonet! The Tanker retains the full-sized, full-strength K98-style receiver with the claw extractor, well-known for its controlled-round feeding, accuracy, strength, and reliability.

This baby Mauser also exhibits an attractive “cute” factor.  Rifle shooters cannot resist the urge to handle the M63. It is truly attractive, but it is also tough!  Full-sized Action, Solid Steel Trigger Guard, Steel Floor Plate and Steel Magazine Box, Steel Cross Bolt Recoil Lug, and Steel Butt plate make this baby Mauser one tough item!

The sights on the new Tanker are a new, shorter version of the military open sights on the Model 48. To further increase versatility, a new Special Performance Kit is available that makes the Tanker into a perfect Scout rifle. The Tanker’s rich, deep blue is nicely contrasted by its beautiful semi-gloss finished, blond-wood stock. It comes with a muzzle guide and a nice dual-tone, two-ply, stitched leather sling made especially for the Tanker.

Where did the M-63 Tanker come from? Its roots began during the genocidal horrors of Nazi occupation during WWII. After the Nazi’s were defeated and completely expelled from Yugoslavia in 1944, the people said “Never Again!” To maintain their independence from both the East and the West, they eventually broke away from the Russians and pursued an independent “Third Way” between the USSR and USA. As a non-aligned nation, Yugoslavia maintained its own military industries. For tanks in the 1950’s and 1960’s the Yugoslavians had adopted the Russian T-54/55 battle tank; but later they began domestic production of their own M-84 tank (which was a highly advanced version of the Russian T-72). The Yugoslavians had already been producing Mauser rifles at Kragujevac, Serbia, with which they had armed and trained the entire populace in order to repel any new invader. So, when a short rifle was needed in a tank, the logical choice was a short Mauser. Everybody was already trained to use the K98/M48, which is operationally identical to the new Tanker.

These M63 Tankers are brand-new rifles produced with all new parts, using modern materials and methods.

Tanker Specifications

Model: M63 Tanker
Mechanism: Mauser-system with controlled round feeding
Magazine: All milled steel – holds 5 round
Calibers: .30-06, .308 Win, .243 Win
Rifling: 4 grooves, right hand twist
Barrel Length: 17.4″
Front Sight: Inverted V
Overall Length: 37.2″
Stock: Semi-Gloss, Blonde Wood
Weight: approx. 7.4 lbs.


Model NumberDescriptionPrice in USD
M63-006M63 Tanker Mauser Rifle, .30-06 Caliber, with Sling$595.00
M63-243M63 Tanker Mauser Rifle, .243 Caliber, with Sling$595.00