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Mitchell Black Lightning Rimfire Rifle

This stainless steel rifle has a heavy fluted 18” barrel that provides exceptional accuracy. The compact 32” over all length makes it easy-pointing and fast handling. 21st century computer controlled manufacturing creates a precision rifle with futuristic styling, M-16 legacy and lifetime durability.

The Black Lightning is available in .22 Magnum Caliber. A detachable 9-round magazine is standard equipment.

The Black Lightning has a heavy duty, solid poly frame and a full-length aluminum shroud with a built-in Picatinny Rail for mounting a wide variety of scopes and accessories. Scope rings are standard equipment with the rifle. A variety of scopes are available: 4x fixed, 3×9 variable, 6X fixed and 6×18 variable. Fully adjustable, detachable, M16-like, iron sights are also available.

Independent Reviewers Rave about the Black Lightning: Holt Bodinson Tests Black Lightning

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Item NumberDescriptionPrice in USD
MBL-2252Black Lightning Rifle - .22 Magnum, with scope rings included.


Iron Sights:
MBLA-611 Carry Handle with normal M16-style Rear Peep Sight. Fully adjustable.


MBLA-631 Front Iron Sight . Detachable, Precision-adjustable Square
Post fully protected by M16-type ears.


MBLA-662 Laser-equipped Front Sight . This is a Red Laser built into the Front Iron Sight.


T-601 Adjustment Tool for the Front Sight. Easily adjust the elevation of the front post on either the Front Iron Sight or the Laser-equipped Front Sight.


Rifle Scopes:
A-239 3-9x40 , variable 3-9 power scope, 40mm objective, fine duplex reticle.


A-268 6-18x40 , variable 6-18 power scope, 40mm objective, fine duplex reticle.


Long-eye-relief Scopes:
A-304 4x28 , fixed 4 power scope, 28mm objective, fine duplex reticle.


A-302 2x20 , fixed 2 power scope, 20mm objective, fine duplex reticle.


A-372 Scope Rings , Black Lightning specific, 1 inch, matte black, pair. (One set included with rifle.)


MBLA-771 Bipod for maximum long-range accuracy. Fully adjustable
legs accommodate any surface. Folds away when not in use. Attaches
securely, no tools required.


MBLA-510 Extra Magazines for quick reloading. 9-round
capacity. Includes a reloading tool for easy, fast reloading.
Stainless steel body, bright red follower. One comes standard
with the rifle.


A-717 Sling , Leather.


A-751 Sling Swivel , Set of two, quick detatch.


MBLA-794 Rifle Case , Black, Hard plastic, dual latches, foam
lined. Correctly sized to protect your Black Lightning
rifle, whether it is equipped with M16-style Iron
Sights or a large scope.


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