Mitchell’s Mausers

For years Mitchell’s Mausers have been using their family connections in the search for WWII-era collectable Mauser Rifles, Curios and Relics, for import to the United states to preserve history for Americans.

In the continuing search for the last collector grade K98 Mausers, Don Mitchell hunts for the hidden treasure of WWII. The hope here is to find preserved in – a time – capsule items, ones that are prized by collectors everywhere. “we’ve emptied military warehouses before, but never found anything like this!” commented Don Mitchell on his last adventure in eastern Europe ” some of this stuff is like fine jewelry!”

WWII ended well over 60 years ago! Why were these items stored so long?

“You have to understand the communist mind” explains Mitchell. In communist countries the military had no sense of relative economic values; so, after WWII, they just continued to store this stuff decade after decade, even after it was out-dated.

After the iron curtain fell in 1991, traders rushed in to buy up the pieces from the new and cash-hungry governments. “Those guys bought up some of the obvious stockpiles,” says Mitchell with a twinkle in his eye, “But they really didn’t know where to go or how to act” Also, because of internal wars and political uncertainties, some interesting items are only just now available, if you know how to find them .

Mitchell’s Mauser Collection of Mauser K98 rifles offer a unique opportunity not available elsewhere for a range of collectors from Gun collectors, Antique Collectors, to WWI & II Souvenir’s collectors. As for hunters, this rifle has proved its reputation for accuracy in hunting.

And best of all, an Original Mauser will only increase in value.

It is most unlikely that there any more of these products available anywhere in the world. For collectors, the prospects of being able to buy additional WWII collectible items like these that Mitchell found are increasingly slim… not only because of the passage of time but also because new and increasingly restrictive regulations make importing extremely difficult. Basically, Collectors or interested would-be collectors are advised to “get it now” while you still can. The products are so rare that they increase in value every year. These kinds of products are disappearing rapidly; just like the guys who used them.

Mitchell’s last treasure of collector’s grade rifles intended for battle, then they lay in storage for years. Then, of course, Mitchell came along and the rest is history!