M24/47 Mauser Rifle    Sold Out

M24/47Developed after the German Gewehr 98 of WWI, this short carbine has FN technology in its history. (FN, Fabrique Nationale of Belgium, owns both Browning and Winchester today.)

Using the hard-hitting 8mm Mauser caliber, the M24/47 is made of steel and wood, no plastic, aluminium or cheap metal parts here. The trench warfare of WWI had taught the factory what works and what doesn’t. Skillful peace-time production gives you a Superior Mauser with benefits like a smoother action, a tighter lockup, neatly fitted sling swivels and a full wood upper. Designed in ‘24 and factory remade in ’47 after WWII.

An Exciting Rifle to Own, the M24/47 is an excellent variation of the venerable German Mauser K98k that followed 10 years later. Strong, reliable, accurate. An efficient bolt-action rifle you’ll be proud to own.

Ideal for Shooting or Collecting!

Model NumberDescriptionPrice in USD
M24-35Service Grade M24/47 Rifle $299.
M24-25Collector Grade M24/47 Rifle $399.
M24-26Collector Grade Rifle, Curved Bolt Handle $449.
M24-28Collector Select Grade M24/47 Rifle $449.
M24-29Collector Select Grade M24/47 Rifle, Curved Bolt Handle $499.
M24-15Premium Grade M24/47 Rifle $599.
M24-16Premium Grade M24/47 Rifle with Curved Bolt Handle $649.
M24-18Premium Select Grade M24/47 Rifle $649.
M24-19Premium Select Grade M24/47 Rifle, Curved Bolt Handle $699.

Accessories included while supplies last.