Mosin Sniper Rifle   Sold Out

Mosin Sniper Rifle

Original & Complete with all its accessories!
Originally Manufactured to be a Sniper Rifle, maintained combat ready by the Soviets. Mitchell found them in a Soviet warehouse, tested with barrel gauges and selected only the tightest bores.  These rifles performed admirably on the Eastern front, notably at Stalingrad, as you will see in “Enemy at the Gate”, which comes free with your Mosin 91/30 PU Sniper rifle. Marvelous Condition, with Original WWII Scope!

The last of these historical rifles in Europe are Being Destroyed Right Now under pressure  from the UN, instead of going to collectors. Get Yours Now, While You Still Can!  This is a Classic Collector’s Rifle: Preserve It, Display it, Shoot it and Enjoy it. 

Original WWII Sniper Accessories included, while supplies last.