No More NAZI Mauser Rifles ?!!?

 How can that be?  Didn’t Hitler make Millions of Mausers?

Unfortunately, it is true  —  NAZI Mausers are sold out world wide.  Hitler’s NAZI’s were defeated seventy years ago; and the Iron Curtain fell twenty-five years ago.  Since then astute collectors have taken most all of the NAZI-marked rifles that had been stored in the old Soviet warehouses.

More recently, the Russia-Ukraine conflict cut us off from the last few NAZI rifles in Russia.  There are simply no NAZI rifles available  –  anywhere.

What Can You Do Now?

1.  Buy a Non-NAZI Mauser K98 before these are all gone too.  There is a nice Mauser 98 Karbine with an interesting WWII history, except that it doesn’t have any Dirty Bird markings, no NAZI stamps.  We would suggest you consider an M24, a peace-time Mauser Karbine, considered by some experts to be technically superior to Hitler’s Mausers.  These Mauser 98’s are in beautiful condition!  Call us for more details.    Warning:  We expect all of these to be gone within a few months, so get a good one now.  Click Here.

2.  Get your Name on our Waiting List.   Use the CONTACT US form on the right side of this page.  Type “K98k waiting list” in the message.  From time to time we find a few stragglers from an unexpected source.  Make sure we have your name and number, and we’ll contact you when we discover an opportunity.